Balcony Bulletin ...


19.07.13 Happy Birthday Axl - 1 year old ;o)  


26.05.13 Jussi 11 yrs old ;o)






....... O .......


… we took care of you as a puppy when you were in urgent need of a home – we have loved you, cared for you and educated you. You have given us unconditionally trust and lots of memorable moments. We took our responsibility seriously when needed – you were allowed depart present time with dignity. Play safe in the eternal green pastures, Hasse.

 IPO II RSP I BH Stjärnelds Athoz 2003 -2013




 18.09.2012 Axl is here .....  no not a black Malinois ;o) - he is a very nice black German Shepherd




12.06.12 - Jubel did it !! -> BH Jubel Sweet Vulcan ;o)


‎26.05.2012 - Ch. BH B KORAD NORW W 09, NORDIC W 10 Subtils Jussi - 10 years ;o)


19.05.2012 - 30 years ago (!!); - A journey never forgotten .... on May 19th 1982 this adventurous journey started by entering the train in Trondheim bound for Stockholm (met with Gunnel Ferm) - then Copenhagen, Hamburg (and more ...) to Baden-Baden ... train all the way ... and then by car to Seitingen ;o)



Jussi and Bijou's 3 "little" girls are now 5 weeks old - and here they are ;o)

(photo; Helena/Subtils kennel)



Norw ch, BH Hanna Sweet Vulcan has to day gained the title KORAD (Swedish advanced mentality/conformation test) = Norw ch, BH, KORAD Hanns Sweet Vulcan

That's my girl ;o)



11.04.12 Remembering Fantome de la Belle Pitou



The pupies are here; 3 girls born 04.04.12 - have a peak at


(photo Helena)




It's 10 years ago already - that we decided to go to Belgium for Yigor (1999-2009). 

A descission never regretted.




Great news from Sweden - Bijou is expecting puppies .... ;o)




The old boyzzz ;o) - our "yong" seniors, March 2012


 JUSSI * 26.05.2002
 HASSE *22.09.2003




  (click to enlarge picture...)





24.11.11 Malinois puppies planned at Kennel Subtils, Sweden


 (click to enlarge picture...)




16.10.11 Sweden, Bro-Håbo BHK - Hanna has succeeded very nicely with the mentality section of the advanced Swedish KORAD-test. She did a good "job" ;o) !


Added some photos in the Contemplations section





25.09.11 Hanna made a successful BH today ;o)


22.09.11 "Hasse" (Stjärnelds Athoz) - 8 years old to day ...




04 -07.07.11 We went with Hanna and Jubel for tracking/obediece training in Sweden  

                    Here is Odd and Jubel ;o)





25.06.11 ....  I've been kissed by a wolf ;o)





26.05.11 .... Jussi turns nine ......





11.04.11 .... would have been Fantôme de la Belle Pitou's 5th birthday ...




Planning a litter for Nuch Sweet Vulcan Hanna.

Sire will most probably be Nuch, Korad, BH, B, Norwgian w. 09, Nordic w. 10 Subtils Jussi





02.02.2011 "Jubel" former known as "Yellow"  - arrives ;o)


05.01  - 09.01.2011 Visisted  Jussi/Dwyn puppies in Belgium ;o) - some photos in the Photogallery - This is "Yellow" ;o)







29.11.10  Jussi/Dwyn puppies born - happy! - happy! - happy! ;o) - and here they are 2 days old




 28.11.10 Jussi was BOB/cacib and obtained the Nordic winner 2010 title to day at Norw Kennel Club Internat. show at Lillestrøm = Nuch, BH, B, Korad, Norw w 09, Nordic w 10 Subtils Jussi.


 17.11.10 From Sweden we've had great news that Hanna's half sister "Bijou" has gained Swedish Show Champion! ;o)


02.11.10 Dwyn is confirmed pregnant 02.11.10 - no need to ay that all of us are very happy and excited.



Dwyn is back home .. I had a super oval weekend - marked in Mechelen, visit to Antwerp and having an interesting day at a very nice club in Belgium where they had a clubcompetition; - Belgian obedience ....Thanks, Nora and Freddy !

And in Mechelen - a Mechelaar ;o)





Dwyn & Jussi - good friends share and exchange toys     ;o)


Dwyn & Jussi - friends having a good time and "laugh" together  ;o)


29.09.10 - The Balcony is "renovated" - and  is presented  in the new design ;o) I want to thank RAVI - my former webmaster - for all the help and patient listening to  all kinds of suggestions and heaps of ideas through 7 years. - When you brought me the DVD with all the "happenings" on the former Balcony - I fully could understand what a great job you have done ;o).


 23.09.10  - "Hasse"  is 7 yrs old (IPO II, RRP I, BH Stjärnelds Athoz)




28.08.10 - Trondheim Hundefestival

Hanna Sweet Vulcan - BIR/N UCH - BOB / Norwegian champion ;o)

Here ; greetings from Kennel Revehiet - Thank you, Tanja & Toril ;o)






23.07.10 - Dwyn Sweet Vuclan is staying for an extended holiday ;o)


Norwgian Kennel Club Show, Trondheim

Jussi : Champion class 1

Hanna: Open class 2

Both got remarks for having too much coat - Jussi : "too rich and too much coat..." Hanna : too much coat especially on the tail ..." ( .............  ;o)   ...............)





Both Jussi and Hanna got Excellent 2 at NVBH Clubmarch Show in Deurne. Thanks to Joke for the photo ;o)

Openclass female, Hanna right. Monique is showing Nora's "Rani" who obtained Exellent 1




26.05.10 Jussi 's 8th birthday. Berit's Jussi is a veteran - where have the years gone ...............





IPO II, BH Yigor 1999 -2009

Rest now, bear of mine ............







Norwegian Kennel Club International winner show at Lillestrøm - judge Mr. Sonny  Ström, Sweden

Jussi : cacib, BOB - Norwegian winner 2009

Hanna : CAC, 2nd best female, res-cacib

Below greetings from Jussi's breeder ;o)





Hanna passed mentality description (MH) at Bro-Håbo BHK in Sweden 






Hanna at "7de Jonge honden en veteranendag"  in Ranst, Belgium. Judge Mr. Dirk Spreyt (B).

Awarded with "Uitmuntend/Excellent - 1ste Plaats/Place - Beste Jonge Hond Mechelaar"

"19 months, complete scissiors bite, long head with correct stop, almost correct parallelism. Nice eyes, medium long ears - well placed.

Good neck and back. Well developed chest, could have a little more angulations in front and back. Moves well in front and behind. Good coat/colour and mask. 

 Nice temperament". 


 I appreciate the close examination and description. I even got Hanna's in english - as a courtesy ........ Fun !



HAPPY DOG  ;o) Edwin & Remie (Smika van Spragerhof), in Ranst.




Norwegian Kennel Club International show at Stjørdal

Jussi: cacib, BOB

Hanna: CAC, cacib, BOS



Oppdal hundeklubb at Oppdal:

Jussi: BOB

Hanna: Junior 1




Managed to catch Jussi and Hanna in the some frame ;o)



 ............ ooo............



  Hanna as a puppy - with a small friend (photo Camilla K.



and ........ here is Hanna playing with a biiig friend ........ a Sunday moring in May 






Hanna and Yigor 

 February 14th

 Valentines day ;o)










Gosh - 30 years - the hair (read: coat) have been shorter and thinner (as mine ;o)  ..... hihi)


But it still is Belgian Shepherds ;o). When I got "Jaro" (right) i 1978 after nearly 3 years of searching for a Tervueren - there were only 4 or 5 in Norway. Jambo-Jaramis (right) was the first Tervueren in Norway (maybe the first BS that made a "Karaktertest" /simple mentalitytest). He was also the first Norwgian owned BS that gained the Nordic Winner title (Stockholm 1982). Kholbein-Konge (middle) was the first Belgian Shepherd - in Norway - that made and passed the Swedish advanced mentality/conformation test - Korad - in 1985 (Karlskoga, Sweden). He also obtained a CAC from the legendary Mme Jaqueline Aubry in 1984 (Ulltuna, Sweden). (Both Jaro and Uno later had the kennelname Wirvelwinds). Left is Filius von Güldenwerth imported from Germany in 1985 - he came out of German & French workinglines and Belgian malinois-lines. A rare combination in Norway at that time. If I only could have had these lines now .............


Well, well, well ...........................



Hanna will stay with us - in agreement with Nora (Hanna's breeder). Here is Odd and Hanna at low-impact training ;o)





de la Belle Pitou

11.04.06 - 07.08.08

Suffered complications after surgery 



Will always have a very special place

in my hart ......





Odd and "Hasse" participates in RRP I with advancement to level II

(RRP = search and IPO obedience) = IPO II, BH, RRP I Stjärnelds Athoz ;o)




Hanna Sweet Vulcan has joined our flock.

She will stay for some weeks for training.

( 4 males and 1 female .... exciting times ahead ! ;o)


(Jussi, Hanna and Fantôme)



Celia  and Jack  are visiting from Belgium ;o)

Celia is the former owner og Yigor

and meet with him again after 6 years.


Looks like they both enjoyed seeing each other ;o)







Bringing lovely Malinois female Hanna Sweet Vulcan from Belgium to Camilla.  





Pleasuretrip to Belgium to visit Jean & Kathleen in Bree. Jean & Kathleen, Celia & Jack and I went to Aachen to get some pre-Christmas feeling. Had a great time! Kathleen took me to Nora and Freddy in Koningshoikt. Nora took me to Kortreijk where it was a Special Show for BS. In Kortreijk I hooked up with Monique and drove back to her place in Heerlen. Stayed for a night and went back to Bree and stayed a couple of days more in Bree.  I had a great time ...............and had the oportunity to meet a lot of nice people and dogs ;o)

Femme Fatale de la Belle Pitou (Fantôme's sister) BOS and Aramis de Hameau St. Blaize - BOB


  Foxy Lady de la Belle Pitou - "Nina" - Fantôme's sister




22.07.07  Sollefteå. Sweeden - "Hasse" (Stjärnelds Athoz) IPO II  approved (91-73-86)




26.05.07 Jussi 5 yrs old ;o)





11.04.07 Fantôme 1 year old ;o)





22.10.06 "Hasse" (Stjärnelds Athoz) makes the mentality test for for the Swedish KORAD at Bro-Håbo BHK - 202 pts



13.08.06 Jussi RIK B (86 p out of 100) 1st place






07.05.06 Nidaros BHK, Trondheim "Hasse" (Stjärnelds Athoz) IPO I approved (74-80-88)


 03 -06.05.06 IPO Seminar Nidaros BHK, Trondheim (Photos in the gallery)





02.10.05 Jussi KORAD at Bro-Håbo BHK Sweeden (conformation approved 27.08.05)




24.09.05 "Hasse" (Stjärnelds Athoz) BH approved



 27.08.05 Jussi - Obedience level I Nidaros BHK - 1 price at 177 pts/2nd place total

 - and then off to Östersund, Sweden ;o) - for the conformation for KORAD = Approved



JUSSI - BEST IN SHOW - at the Norwegian Belgian Sheperd's Club Speciality Show 2005


Mr. Michel Griol at Norwegian Belgian Shepherds Club´s Speciality Show 26/6 2005:

""Complete sissors bite, beautiful colour and nice square body. Good substance, good angulation, good balance stand. Beautiful long head, good muzzle - black eyes. Good paralells on stop. Ears should be more triangular. Beautiful neck and topline. Excellent chest. Nice presentation and character. Excellent movement and carriage of tail"".

JUSSI - BEST OF BREED - at Norwegian Kennel Club International Show

Mr. Denis Descamps at Norwegian Kennel Club International Show 25/6 2005:

""Sissors bite, full dentition, very good pigmentation, tall dog with good substance. Very nice head - long with good muzzle, very good head propotions, good paralellism, good eyes, medium ears well carried. Beautiful neck, beautiful topline, very beautiful outline with short body and very beautiful underline. Medium angulation, good legs, good coat with beautiful colour. He throws legs a bit forward when moving and the tail is a bit high.""