Dogs in the past ...


"When the body that lived at your single will

With it's whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still);

When the spirit that answered your every mood

is gone - wherever it goes - for good,

You will discover how much you care,

And will give your hart to a dog to tear".


                                                                          Rudyard Kipling




(Guth de Mallasagne/Tehssa)

Tervueren from malinois working lines. Born in Belgum 1999 - imported to Norway 2002. Originally trained for Mondeoring, re-trained for IPO in Norway.

Yigor had a solid temperament, a very strong personality and was completely selfassure.  

He  was  steady as a rock and gave the impression of a "small bear".

We would have another like him anytime .....


Fantôme de la Belle Pitou

(Ch. Oris de Mas de la Galandie/

 Ch. Ciluna Cardassia de la Belle Pitou)


Fantôme was imported at 8 weeks old from Netherland i 2006. He grew into a big male with very solid bonestructure. Fantôme was trained for obedience and search/tracking.

It was with great sorrow I had to put him to sleep as a result of suffering complicaations after surgery  at only 2,5 years.


I will always remember his great affection for me and his remarkable fascination for snow. 



D-Rexx van Balderlo

(Baiservole van Balderlo/Apache van Balderlo)

"Allix" was a Tervueren from malinois parents and imported from Belgium Nov. 2004. He was a "leap year child" born 29.02.04 ;o). Allix was in  private care (pending vaccinations/ rabiestitre) until November when we could bring him to Norway. Even if I visited him in July the vaitingperiod was intolerable.

After being here 5-6 weeks it was obvious that something was wrong. The very healty puppy with a wonderful temperament I visited in July - was growing more and more nervous and acting strange.

Quite coincidental it was discovered that he somewhere along had gained a fatal injury. We do not how he could have suffered such damage. His life would have been increasingly painful as he grew older.  Devestating as it was - I was left with only one option. - Allix was put to sleep shortly after his one year birthday.



Fon de Clair San Antonio = ARGUS - Tervueren

* 06.06.1993

“Argus” (Fon de Clair San Antonio 06.06.1993-27.10.2002). It is not easy to describe a dog like “Argus”. Nearly 73 cm high, and as much dominance towards other males as you could ask for. 45 kg of bones, he was never fat – always a very slim and elegant male in spite of his size. “Argus” grew up as a hot tempered, asocial puppy – and his behaviour always tested out our abilities as a dog handlers. It became clear that somewhere along he had gained an injury in the neck/back area and this put a stop for all plans for his education. He lived his first two years of life in a harness – to prevent to strain his neck and back. Chiropractic treatment gave him some relief for the pains. I massaged him thoroughly once a week for his entire life.
My husband started “Argus” in his first official competition at the age of 8 years! He passed ground level tracking. I could not have been more proud!

“Argus” was the kind of dog - about which you can say - that if you were ok towards him, he would be ok to you (after some consideration). The first years of his life he did not care much for people, but as he grew older he accepted the most of the human kind more and more. He could even seek contact and be tolerant enough to be petted by a selected few. He was fantastic with puppies and raised them with dignity and softness.

One late October evening “Argus” became acute ill. I immediately understood that his time had come. After being a little uneasy he came to me during the night. He looked at me for a while, crawled in to my bed – stretched out and fell into eternal sleep.

I still miss him. Some nights I think I feel him gently laying his head upon my bed, as he used to do, checking up on me. - It is a good feeling.



Korad Fon de Clair Reve de Victoire = VIKKI - Tervueren


“Vikki” (Korad Fon de Clair Revé de Victoire 18.01.1993-12.07.2002) also came to live with us as an adult dog. Her former owners could not keep her, and thus she came to live with us at nearly two years of age. The plan was to educate her as a narcotics-dog within the police, but it became obviously that former experiences in her life had marked her seriously. “Vikki” was first and foremost Odd’s dog – and she loved him. He competed both in search and obedience. I also competed with her in the latter, but have to admit that she worked best with my husband. She felt more secure with him. “Vikki’s” performances in competing were very variable. She was easily affected by disturbances in competition situations – it looked like her early experiences had made severe damages. In spite of this she always was eager to perform her best.

“Vikki” got severe problems after a uterus-operation. We made constantly efforts to keep her well by veterinarian treatment. At last we had to put her to sleep to save her from suffering.
I had genuinely hoped that she could grow very old with us. She had truly earned a long and happy living to make up for her pitiful start in life.



IPO I FOn de Clair Yggo-Brum = BRUM - Tervueren

* 10.07.1997



Korad Fon de Clair Ina-la-Shiba = SHEILA - Tervueren


“Sheila” (Korad Fon de Clair Ina-la-Shiba 22.06.1988-09.04.2002) came to stay at my place when she was 16 months of age. Her previous owner(s) could not keep her. I took a long time to make “Sheila” secure that I would not leave her. And her history could tell that she had moved around a lot and lived with several people and families before I took her in.
Sheila was a very lovable female, always kind to people and she had a great affection for children. For nearly a year she followed me at work and soon all my colleagues brought a snack for “Sheila” in their lunch-bag. She was an angel!

“Sheila” participated in several competitions both obedience and tracking – unofficially. She had a formidable hunting-instinct (and a very good eyesight!) and could spot a blowing leaf (and almost everything else as well) “on hundreds of meters” - I am sure ;o). In spite of very many advices from experienced dog-handlers I could never get rid of her “habits”. That is; - with the methods I could accept to use. So our program was a little amputated – and thus we never reached any advancement. Even so – “Sheila” was very good at many levels. And always gave her best – devoted to her family as she was. She died at nearly 14 years of age – she had a long and good life.



Thorsborgens Hezzia = HEZZIE - Schäfer




Filius von Güldenwerth = MIKKI - Tervueren


“Mikki” (Filius von Güldenwerth 12.06.1985-21.08.91) was a Tervueren with very “interesting” working lines – both German/French Tervueren-lines and Belgian working Malinois-lines. He was placed in quarantine at a very young age. This marked him for life, he matured very late – and there were lots of things that he had to re-learn when he got out of the quarantine. He was a lovable puppy and found his place with the other two males without problems.

As my other dogs “Mikki” also got the opportunity to perform as a sledge dog. He liked it!
He competed in Obedience level II. Otherwise he was a formidable cat-hunter. This almost killed him several times. He also got hit by a car on one of his hunting escapades, but he survived within a hairbreadth. Another thing that made me grow grey hairs was his absolutely absence of fear for height. He once jumped out from a window on the second floor. He survived this also!
“Mikki” was still fairly young when it became clear that he had physical traumas due to his “escapades”. I had to put him to sleep not long after.



Korad Wirwelvinds Kholbein-Konge = UNO/PUMA - Tervueren 


“Uno” also called “Puma" (Korad Wirvelwinds Kholbein-Konge 07.06.1981-17.03.88) was my second Tervueren. If “Jaro” was like a fair day – “Uno” was the night. He was a hot tempered male with lots of working abilities. I have to admit that I was not experienced enough to handle this at that time. “Uno” was the first Belgian Shepherd in Norway ever to gain the Korad-title (Swedish mentality test). I had many “great” moments with Kholbein-Konge. One of the most exciting was winning the male open class ring at Ulltuna/Sweden 1984 for Ms. Jacqueline Aubry, the famous French breeder.

“Uno” got severe problems with stones in his bladder at the age of 7. Unfortunately this was not possible to cure.
As a son of Akka von der Moosfluh –“Uno” was a special dog in many ways – not always easy to handle. I liked his spirit – he was something else! Maybe this is why the stories of him still are so clear to me.



 Nuch NORD V. 1982 Wirwelvinds Jambo-Jaramis = JARO - Tervueren


“Jaro” (Nuch Nord V. 1982 Wirvelwinds Jambo-Jaramis 06.04.1978-25.10.1989) was a very sociable Tervueren with a great affection for all people and creatures – big and small. I took him everywhere and he always made new friends. His appearance and personality made several people want a similar dog and breed, although most people was certain that he was a crossbreed between my German Shepherd male and a Collie-miss.

“Jaro” also was a very good companion for many wanderings in the woods and the mountains. He was about to start in Obedience II when I discovered that something was wrong with his eyesight. At 5 years old it became obviously that he was nearly blind on one eye and had a very poor sight on the other. Only a couple of months before I discovered his handicap he had gained BOB in Stockholm and also got the title “Nordic Winner 1982”.
He also proved him self as a sledge-dog – participating in the “Jotunheim-trial” in the mountains of Jotunheimen for two days back in 1981.

Being the very sociable and good tempered dog he was - the normally devastating handicap of blindness did him no harm. He grew quite old. Luckily his eye disease was not of the inheritable kind.



Hibu av Leüthenhagen = HIBU -  Schäfer


 “Hibu” (av Leüthehaven 14.09.1974-10.08.1979) was a magnificent German Shepherd. “Hibu” never went further away from me than 2 meters. He was an excellent and fearless companion on my endless “walkabouts” in the woods summer and winter. He did not let anyone near me until he was quite sure that they did mean no harm. For many years he was the best companion ever. “Hibu” had a severe illness in his intestines and had to be put to sleep at 5 years of age. I did miss him very much - for a very long time.



VARG -  Schäfer


“Varg” came from a small and unknown breeding. He was approved as a police patrol dog before he reached the age of 20 months. He also was certified as a tracking- and as an seach-  and rescue/ avalanche dog. In his career beside the ordinary police patrol duty he searched for lost people both summer and winter. As far as we know – he is amongst the few Norwegian police patrol dogs that has maintained in duty until the age of twelve years. His last “confirmation” for duty he made at eleven and a half years old – and passed! They do not make them like this anymore!