I have a place which I appreciate very much - my balcony.

It is not so much the balcony it self – it is more the things I experience there – which make this place very special to me. This balcony is a place where I can bring my cup of coffee and ”have a view” over different phenomenas. Not only the one you can see…

... ... ...

 A unknown philosopher once said.“The art of being happy lies in simplifying ones pleasures”. He must have been a very wise man.

Contemplations are different viewings that make my day. It can be sights that make me wonder… or moments I experience which make me very happy or satisfied. Simple pleasures .....


Skylines; - The sky and the skyline is a captivating sight. It is magic.
Have you ever given some consideration to how many different ways the sky presents it self in?

From my balcony I can watch how the nights slowly disappear and the sunrise emerge. Or I can view how the light and the sun have to yield for the weather.

Nothing can compare to the beauty and the promises of a rising day. Nothing can be as breathtaking as an evening sky. – In my mind!


Dogs; - Ofcourse I have made room for dogs on this site.
We have had dogs for as long as I can remember. Several dogs have left, - as a dogs life is short in our era.


The dogs had a mission, and they followed us unconditionally.  Some of them were very special (as all dogs are to their owners) – and some of them I still miss – after many years.

My favorite breed is the Belgian Shepherd.  I got my first BS in 1978 - a Tervueren - Wirvelvinds Jambo-Jaramis. I've stayed with the breed since - and at present we have another variety - Malinois.


So - whether you are fascinated by dogs, skylines or contemplations;

Please - be my guest…




"Spooky moon" April 27th 2010 at 22:00 hours